19 Feb

The team at Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners were delighted to welcome two Dream Placement students in February 2024, through the programme delivered by Centre for Leadership Performance.

Kate and Noja, from Workington Academy, joined WHC for a week to learn about the history of the harbour, safety procedures, teamwork and more.

They worked closely with the team and shared great ideas on how to engage more with young people in the area.

And they both had a great time!

Noja said: "I definitely recommend Dream Placement to every student, I've had such a broad variety of experiences and learnt a lot. The team was so welcoming and I grew such a bond to each one of them, seeing how they work in ways to create a wonderful team."

Kate said: "Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners was a company I had never heard about until Dream Placement 2024. I could not have said one word about them but now I could tell you everything. I’ve spent the past week with a welcoming team, experiencing all aspects of their work such as The Rum Story, the gift shops, the car parks, the harbour maintenance and also the marina (riding a boat, for example).

"It has been a varied week and an immersive experience to say the least. We have been continuously offered opportunities and connections with such diverse people. They are a non-profit organisation dedicated to the life at the harbour and maintaining such an historic place and we have witnessed all that they do to promote this.

"They put their everything into it and have been nothing but embracing during the placement. They were fantastic to work with and I would recommend it to people who are not so sure on their pathway in life. Thank you, Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners."

A big thanks also to the Centre for Leadership Performance for once again running the programme and WSP for their sponsorship to help make it possible for a small organisation like WHC to help inspire the next generation.