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Since January 1998 UK legislation has required all ports, harbours and some terminals to draw up waste management plans for Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) approval.
These requirements for Port Waste Management were updated with the introduction of the Merchant Shipping and Fishing Vessels (Port Waste Reception Facilities) Regulations 2003 (‘the Regulations’).
The Regulations apply to any harbour or terminal within a harbour in the UK and place a number of requirements on harbour authorities:
  • Every harbour authority shall provide waste reception facilities adequate to meet the needs of vessels normally using the harbour (1)
  • Every harbour authority shall prepare a waste management plan with respect to the provision and use of waste reception facilities in the harbour and use of those facilities by vessels using the harbour
  • Submit the waste management plan to the Secretary of State for approval
Submit subsequent waste management plans within nine months of any significant change to the operation of the harbour, or no later than three years after the most recent plan was approved

From paragraph (1), ‘adequate’ means capable of receiving the types and quantities of prescribed wastes from ships and vessels normally using the Harbour.
A harbour authority, in discharging their duty under paragraph (1) may join with any other organisation in providing the waste reception facilities.

During the 1990’s Whitehaven Harbour was transformed from a commercial port to a port largely supporting the local fishing industry and leisure activities by the development of extensive Marina facilities. As part of the development the fishing industry was re-located to North Harbour and Queens Dock. A fish landing and handling facility was built in support of the industry which has recently been modified to house several chiller units and an ice making facility.
The construction of a Sea Lock, which created an impounded inner harbour of some 24 acres of water space and further harbour side developments have created an attractive and popular water front, which has become the hub of the town drawing many visitors to the Harbour.
The Port of Whitehaven no longer has any cranage or storage facilities for cargo handling, nor does it have a resident shipping agent or stevedore. Waste reception facilities are only required for the small fishing fleet, Marina users and the general public visiting the harbour.
The Port of Workington continues to be the main commercial port on the West Cumbria coast, providing services and waste reception facilities suited to larger commercial ships and vessels.

In April 2009 a lease was signed between Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners (WHC), Marina Projects Limited and Whitehaven Marina Limited (WML), which handed over the management and operation of the Sea Lock, harbour berthing, boat yard, boat lift, marina and all marina facilities to WML.
In common with other harbours and ports, and as permitted under the regulations, WHC and WML share the responsibility for the provision of the waste reception facilities.
WHC provide for the small fishing fleet that use the Harbour with the provision of a waste reception facility located in the car park of Gordon Thomson House (formerly known as the Fish Hall).

WML provide for all the recreational and marina users, both port based and visiting craft, with waste reception areas located on the Bulwark Quay and in the Boatyard.
Waste reception and storage may also be shared if problems exist with either company’s ability to receive and store certain wastes. Further details of the respective waste facilities follow.

Although the list is not exhaustive, past operating experience suggests that the following waste types are most likely to be generated:
  1. Galley refuse;
    - Consumables such as cooked or uncooked food
    - Packaging such as cling film, foil, cardboard, paper, plastics cans and glass
  2. Fish offal; little is ever landed. Gutting and tailing is carried out at sea and disposed of overboard
  3. Used oils; fuel, lubricating, and hydraulic oils possibly contaminated with bilge water or greases
  4. Chemicals; dispersants, solvents, acids (battery), cleaning fluids adhesives
  5. Paints; paint, paint cans, oxides, anti foul and paint chippings
  6. Batteries; dry cell and expired wet cells
  7. Cordage; nets, trawl lines, rope, awnings, canvas and synthetic fibre covers
  8. Fenders; vehicle tyres, nylon and plastic pneumatic ball or cylinder types, wood blocks and rubbing strakes
  9. Metals; ferrous and non-ferrous e.g. scrap steelwork, wire rope, chains trawl boards, electrical cables, brass and copper screws
  10. Metals; redundant domestic appliances e.g. cookers, refrigerators etc
  11. Timber; discarded off cuts, broken pallets and rubbing strakes
  12. Glass; laminated, plain and bottles
  13. Electrical/electronic equipment; redundant navigation equipment, radios, TVs, etc.
  14. Sanitation; vessel holding tanks (leisure craft only)
  15. Litter; general litter, from litter bins and from litter picks including dog waste
  16. Flotsam; recovered from the harbour, can be windblown or enter the harbour via any of the town culverts
  17. Mixed recyclables; paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans etc

WML: Bulwark Quay
There is a central waste reception/collection corral on the Bulwark Quay. This corral services waste predominantly generated from the users of the Marina.
The facility comprises;
  • 2 x 1100 litre mixed municipal waste bin for waste types; 1a, 1b, 7, 8, 11, 15
  • 1 x 1100 litre paper/card recycling bin for waste types; 17
  • 1 x 1100 litre commingled recycling bin for waste types; 12, 17
  • 1 x sanitation tank which discharges directly to foul drain for waste types; 14
WML: Boatyard
The waste generated in the Boatyard is mainly materials resulting from boat repair and maintenance.
The facility comprises;
  • 1 x 1100 litre mixed municipal waste bin for waste types; 1a, 1b, 7, 8, 11, 15
  • 1 x hazardous waste container for waste types; 4, 5
1 x 1400 litre bunded waste oil container for waste types; 3
Approximate Quantities: General waste annually: 250 bins x 1100 litres = 275m3
Recycled waste annually: 200 bins x 1100 litres = 220m3
Waste oil annually: 4000 litres

WHC: Fish Hall area of Gordon Thomson House
For general waste generated in the Fish Hall and by fishing vessels, the following facility is provided:
  • 1 x 8m3 FEL standard general waste skip for waste types; 1a, 1b, 7, 8, 11, 15, 16
This skip is also used to accommodate general waste and litter collected from the many litter bins situated on the harbour promenade and quays.
An arrangement with WML is in place to accommodate the disposal of waste types 3, 4 & 5 using their facilities.

Approximate Quantities: General waste annually: 
  • 75 skips x 8 m3 = 600 m3
  • Waste oil annually: 1000 litres

For reception and disposal of other waste types; 6, 8, 9, 10 & 13 the originator must contact WML to discuss disposal options. The waste may be stored until of sufficient quantity to warrant collection by third party waste disposal companies. Since some of these companies may charge for collection and disposal, the originator may incur an additional charge.

For any other queries regarding waste reception please contact either; 
For any perceived inadequacies of the port waste reception facilities, the vessel or harbour/marina user should in the first instance report their concerns to the Marina Manager, WML or the Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners. Contact telephone numbers are given in the above paragraph. If the problem cannot be resolved then the vessel master and/or marina user should request a report form from WHC or WML to highlight any alleged inadequacies of waste reception facilities. Once complete the form should be sent to the MCA at the following e-mail address; environment@mcga.gov.uk

Marina users, fishermen, Gordon Thomson House tenants and other harbour users are responsible for placing their waste in the facilities provided.
The contract cleaning company employed by WHC, empty all the litter/waste bins provided around the harbour and dispose of the waste in the general waste skip at Gordon Thomson House. Larger quantities of waste can be collected by the cleaning contractor for disposal by special arrangement.
As detailed in Appendix 1, WML and WHC both have contracts with the same service provider for general waste collection.

The collections are as follows:
WML: Bulwark Quay skips and recycling bins are emptied twice weekly. Boatyards skips are emptied weekly.
WHC: The skips located at Gordon Thomson House are usually emptied fortnightly from September to March inclusive and weekly for the remainder of the year. Extra collections can be arranged to accommodate additional waste arisings. Events held on the Harbour are subject to specially arranged waste disposal and collection.

Waste disposals made directly to the waste containers are not formally monitored, however a record is kept of the number of waste skips collected for disposal.
The waste oil container provided by WML is kept locked at all times. Disposal to the tank is by arrangement and quantities are recorded on a log sheet.
General waste and mixed recyclable collections for both WML and WHC are identified on detailed monthly invoices from the Waste disposal contractor. Waste contractors receipts or ‘tickets’ are filed as an additional record.
All waste oil collections are recorded by the retention of the contractors receipts (tickets).

Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners believe it would not be within the spirit of port waste management to make direct charges for the collection and disposal of general waste, likewise it would not be within the MARPOL protocol to levy a charge for waste oil disposal.
An element of harbour dues and berthing fees incorporate a charge for general waste disposal.
As mentioned above a small charge may be made for disposal of less frequently generated waste items or items requiring special disposal.

The WHC Executive Board is the Duty Holder.
The CEO of Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners is the Responsible Person and is responsible for the production, implementation and review of the Waste Management Plan.
The Marina Manager of Whitehaven Marina Limited is responsible for the implementation of the plan for all areas leased to WML.
The Whitehaven Fishermen’s Cooperative is responsible for the communication and implementation of the plan to its’ members.

The stakeholders listed below have been issued with a copy of the plan and requested to distribute it accordingly to those harbour users under their control and/or direction:
  • Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners
  • Whitehaven Marina Limited
  • North Western Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (NWIFCA)
  • Marine Management Organisation (MMO)
  • Whitehaven Fisherman’s Cooperative
  • Quality Cleaning and Contracting Limited

A summary of the waste reception facilities are included in the WML Marina Handbook, copies of which are provided to visiting leisure craft entering the marina.

A copy of the approved plan including details on how to provide feedback on the plan and/or suggestions to improve waste management arrangements are posted on the Fish Hall notice board in Gordon Thomson House.

Links to the Waste Management Plan are provided via the WML and WHC websites with further information on how to contact both organisations in order to provide feedback.


General Waste
WHC and WML have contracts with FCC Environment for the hire, collection and emptying of general waste containers from Whitehaven Harbour and Marina. FCC also collect recyclable waste from WML. WHC have a contract in place with Quality Cleaning and Contracting Limited for general waste collection services.

FCC Environment
6 Sidings Court
White Rose Way
Doncaster, DN4 5NU
Tel: 0344 736 9990

General Waste Collection
Quality Cleaning and Contracting Limited
52 Overend Road
Whitehaven, CA28 8SB
Tel: 07738 585648

Bulk Waste Oils
Slicker Recycling Limited
Trafford Park
Praed Road
Manchester, M17 1PQ
Tel: 0330 159 8325

Special and Hazardous Waste
Augean Treatment
36 Clark Street
Paisley, PA3 1RB
Tel: 0141 887 5689

Accidental Oil Spill
Unit 5
Spring Hill Road
Park Springs
Barnsley, S72 7PD
Tel: 01226 714 376

Water Space Waste Collection
Whitehaven Marina Limited
Tel: 01946 692435

We would welcome any comments on this document and/or suggestions to improve waste management arrangements from users of the harbour.

To download a copy of The Port Waste Management Plan please CLICK HERE.