Parking Enforcement

Parking in Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners (WHC) car parks or on any other land owned or operated by WHC is enforced by WHC' own enforcement staff with the back office and notice processing carried out by our own team of trained notice processing personnel in accordance with the International Parking Community ‘Code of Practice’ (CoP).

All surplus income from parking enforcement is reinvested in the maintenance and general upkeep of the harbour area, part of which is a grade 2 listed structure and part of which is a listed ancient monument.

All of our enforcement staff have undertaken the appropriate training for ‘Parking Enforcement on Private Land’ for which they have received valid certificates in order to ensure that we operate in accordance with the CoP. All of our enforcement staff will wear an identifiable uniform that clearly demonstrates their role.We also enforce on behalf of a number of businesses within the town of Whitehaven and have obtained written permission from each business in order to carry out the enforcement on their behalf as well as apply to the DVLA for keeper details as required for the enforcement purposes.

Enforcement on our property and that of those businesses with which we have an agreement will take place every day during the times that the car parks are operating.

We are not responsible for parking enforcement for any On-Street parking issues, Copeland Council car parks or car parks which are under the control of other parking management companies. All locations for which we are responsible will be clearly marked with the appropriate signs.